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By: Elisabeth Paramita R.P Companion Mergangsan Yogyakarta City

I Work at Flower Market

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Flower Market or call Sarkem ordinary people, an area in the heart of Yogyakarta, which is full of phenomena and certainly will mengelitik anyone who hears the region. PasarKembang, located in the Village Sosromenduran, District Gedongtengen, in the economic center of Yogyakarta. Since childhood I often pass by the District Gedongtengen, especially Flower Market, because geographically the area where I live from small to resolve the status as single women are Gedongtengen neighboring district, let alone almost every day of my way through the region′s Flower Market.

I Mortgaged Motorcycle

Written By Tessar

I mortgaged my motorcycle to help the lives of children my RTSM RTSM participants CCT is a figure that needs to be protected. They paced minimalist, in terms of economic, educational and social. Here is the real story in the first year companion accompany participants CCT, around October 2009.

I want to be a blind masseur

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If you visit the area Coral tamarind, and Paliyan sleigh through the streets, then you will see a plaque MASSAGE TUNA NETRA MIYANTO. The plaque is made by hand, red with a white background. Yes Minyato Muyasaroh is one child participant PKH which makes me very memorable, stay at home size 6 x 5 meters with walls gedek (ayaman bamboo) in Generate by local people, living with his grandmother who is old .. it was all that kept him in the category of family expectations of program participants.

"Mom I'm Happy but sad"

Written By Tessar

Today is the first day of school after the Eid holiday. Kuniatkan to visit SD Muh Tlogolelo to get exact status 2 (two) students DO brothers who reportedly because besides ABK also very often skip school. Prior to kusempatkan school students stop by the two brothers who happen to his house just a few meters from the school, but it was empty, the door locked tight. Then I went on a trip to the school. Long story short, after school drop in on bu kusempatkan Je, chairman of a group that is often to communicate with me about the two sons of DO was because both parents difficult to communicate.

The twinkle expectations

Written By Tessar

During attending school, Ance, so it is often called, is often won competitions in reading short stories and poetry for elementary, middle and high school. Is a matter of pride to him that can be the name of the school and the companion tua.Menjadi CCT is now a very memorable life experience. According to him, a companion CCT is a huge task that requires struggle, determination and sincerity in building the nation mentality to be more advanced in the future.


Written By Tessar

Wedi wutah, a beautiful village with views of fields and some limestone hills in the southern village of Ngeposari. With most of the population in the region Ngeposari village, which is 200 more families to the area Padukuhan. Courteous and Arif, the first word that I could point out to describe the character of this Padukuhan population. Each time there is a regular meeting or an impromptu meeting, all elements of society in the region would participate assembled, ranging from hamlet pack, and the existing cadre. It′s a matter of pride when we are rewarded by them, at least we are in sapa and well received in the region.

"As small child That"

Written By Tessar

At that time, not too late when I got home late mother Jimah (he died recently). In the reconstruction of the house I was greeted by so gracious by Jimin father and mother Jimah "Nggih matur Father n Mother, sowan kulo mriki sepindah silaturahmi" (Java language) I opened the conversation before expressing intent arrival. Then I briefly exchanged pleasantries, asking the two parents busy day-to-day, asking a few pictures hanging on the walls of their homes. Yach cool language, trying to build a "chemistry with prospective patients". And success! Did not take long to break the ice, even a glass of hot tea and plate of rice in jars former gelatinous be presented in front of me. I guess right after the new element  i run my mission.

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